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  YOGESH YADAV (Security) CCIE #28270, VARINDER PAL SINGH (Security) CCIE #29449, AMIT LATHER (Security) CCIE #31379  
"I have been to many institues but finally settled with NetworkersZone as they have best technical team and their device specific training on Nexus and 6500 is unique and a great exposure no where else."

-Jitesh Kalra

"I am currently working in HCL, Thanks to Networkers Zone for their 24*7 Lab Facility and high devices available."

-Alok Das

"Networkers Zone really made the things easy and I became from novice to an expert."

-Abhishek Srivastava

"Thanks to Networkers Zone for the their Customized workbooks and great trainers who are masters in the domain."

-Shradda Tiwari

"The training on cloud computing has helped me to get my dream job and a package which I never expected being Bcom."

-Amit Bajaj

"I did summer training course when I was fresher and now I am placed in TCS."

-Beenu Gupta

CCIE Data Center

CCIE Data Center certifies the expert-level skills required to plan, prepare, operate, monitor, and troubleshoot complex Cisco Data Center networks. Professionals who achieve CCIE Data Center have demonstrated their technical skills at the highest level.

Candidates are expected to have in-depth understanding of the topics on the blueprint. This CCIE has been recetly launched in year 2012, considering the fact that requiremnt of professionals in this field is increasing tremendously.

100% job guarantee for all Fresher at a package of 9 LPA and above on successful completion of tracing and certification,Highest Package.

Networkers zone is Best and only Institute for Cisco CCIE Data Center course Training in Asia. Networkers Zone provides CCIE Data Center course in Gurgaon Center on Real Cisco devices(Routers and Switches), with 24x7 Lab Facility. CCiE Security course is delivered as per Cisco CCIE Security Certification exam blueprints. Training Center is situated in Gurgaon with Biggest Cisco CCIE Training labs in India. CCIE Data Center Coaching is also delivered Online. We also provide Industrial and Summer Trainings in Gurgaon and Delhi and Bangalore.

Networkers Zone offers CCIE Data Center Bootcamp Training, One to One Training and Classroom Training in Gurgaon Center with Dedicated Cisco CCIE Datacenter Racks and live projects on Data Centers and managing Data Center Environment.

CCIE Certified Working Professional Trainers Profiles

Alok Rastogi (CCIE Data Center)
9 Years of Experience

Deepak Sharma (CCIE Routing & Switching)
10 Years of Experience

Track Regular Track

Weekend (sat and sun)

Duration 10 Months(2 hours a day) 50 Weekends(4 hours a day)
Training Fee 1,50,000/-         


Course Objectives

Cisco Data Center Infrastructure - NXOS
Implement NXOS L2 functionality
Implement VLANs and PVLANs
Implement Spanning-Tree Protocols
Implement Port-Channels
Implement Unidirectional Link Detection (UDLD)
Implement Fabric Extension via the Nexus family

Implement NXOS L3 functionality
Implement Basic EIGRP in Data Center Environment
Implement Basic OSPF in Data Center Environment
Implement BFD for Dynamic Routing protocols
Implement ECMP
Implement FabricPath

Implement Basic NXOS Security Features
Implement AAA Services
Implement SNMPv3
Configure IP ACLs, MAC ACLs and VLAN ACLs
Configure Port Security
Configure DHCP Snooping
Configure Dynamic ARP Inspection
Configure IP Source Guard
Configure Cisco TrustSec

Implement NXOS High Availability Features
Implement First-Hop Routing Protocols
Implement Graceful Restart
Implement nonstop forwarding
Implement Port-channels
Implement vPC and VPC+
Implement Overlay Transport Protocol (OTV)

Implement NXOS Management
Implement SPAN and ERSPAN
Implement NetFlow
Implement Smart Call Home
Manage System Files
Implement NTP, PTP
Configure and Verify DCNM Functionality

NXOS Troubleshooting
Utilize SPAN, ERSPAN and EthAnalyzer to troubleshoot a Cisco Nexus problem
Utilize NetFlow to troubleshoot a Cisco Nexus problem
Given an OTV problem, identify the problem and potential fix
Given a VDC problem, identify the problem and potential fix
Given a vPC problem, identify the problem and potential fix
Given an Layer 2 problem, identify the problem and potential fix
Given an Layer 3 problem, identify the problem and potential fix
Given a multicast problem, identify the problem and potential fix
Given a FabricPath problem, identify the problem and potential fix
Given a Unified Fabric problem, identify the problem and potential fix

Cisco Storage Networking
Implement Fiber Channel Protocols Features
Implement Port Channel, ISL and Trunking
Implement VSANs
Implement Basic and Enhanced Zoning
Implement FC Domain Parameters
Implement Fiber Channel Security Features
Implement Proper Oversubscription in an FC environment

Implement IP Storage Based Solution
Implement IP Features including high availability
Implement iSCSI including advanced features
Implement SAN Extension tuner
Implement FCIP and Security Features
Implement iSCSI security features
Validate proper configuration of IP Storage based solutions

Implement NXOS Unified Fabric Features
Implement basic FC in NXOS environment
Implement Fiber channel over Ethernet (FCoE)
Implement NPV and NPIV features
Implement Unified Fabric Switch different modes of operation
Implement QoS Features
Implement FCoE NPV features
Implement multihop FCoE
Validate Configurations and Troubleshoot problems and failures using Command Line, show and debug commands.

Cisco Data Center Virtualization
Manage Data Center Virtualization with Nexus1000v
Implement QoS, Traffic Flow and IGMP Snooping
Implement Network monitoring on Nexus 1000v
Implement n1kv portchannels
Troubleshoot Nexus 1000V in a virtual environment
Configure VLANs
Configure PortProfiles

Implement Nexus1000v Security Features
DHCP Snooping
Dynamic ARP Inspection
IP Source Guard
Port Security
Access Control Lists
Private VLANs
Configuring Private VLANs

Cisco Unified Computing
Implement LAN Connectivity in a Unified Computing Environment
Configure different Port types
Implement Ethernet end Host Mode
Implement VLANs and Port Channels.
Implement Pinning and PIN Groups
Implement Disjoint Layer 2

Implement SAN Connectivity in a Unified Computing Environment
Implement FC ports for SAN Connectivity
Implement VSANs
Implement FC Port Channels
Implement FC Trunking and SAN pinning

Implement Unified Computing Server Resources
Create and Implement Service Profiles
Create and Implement Policies
Create and Implement Server Resource Pools
Implement Updating and Initial Templates
Implement Boot From remote storage
Implement Fabric Failover

Implement UCS Management tasks
Implement Unified Computing Management Hierarchy using ORG and RBAC
Configure RBAC Groups
Configure Remote RBAC Configuration
Configure Roles and Privileges
Create and Configure Users
Implement Backup and restore procedures in a unified computing environment
Implement system wide policies

Unified Computing Troubleshooting and Maintenance
Manage High Availability in a Unified Computing environment
Configure Monitoring and analysis of system events
Implement External Management Protocols
Collect Statistical Information
Firmware management
Collect TAC specific information
Implement Server recovery tasks

Cisco Application Networking Services – ANS
Implement Data Center application high availability and load balancing
Implement standard ACE features for load balancing
Configuring Server Load Balancing Algorithm
Configure different SLB deployment modes
Implement Health Monitoring
Configure Sticky Connections
Implement Server load balancing in HA mode

M-23 Old Dlf Sector 14,
Gurgaon 122001 Haryana,India
Mobile: +91-1244047609

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