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  YOGESH YADAV (Security) CCIE #28270, VARINDER PAL SINGH (Security) CCIE #29449, AMIT LATHER (Security) CCIE #31379  
"I have been to many institues but finally settled with NetworkersZone as they have best technical team and their device specific training on Nexus and 6500 is unique and a great exposure no where else."

-Jitesh Kalra

"I am currently working in HCL, Thanks to Networkers Zone for their 24*7 Lab Facility and high devices available."

-Alok Das

"Networkers Zone really made the things easy and I became from novice to an expert."

-Abhishek Srivastava

"Thanks to Networkers Zone for the their Customized workbooks and great trainers who are masters in the domain."

-Shradda Tiwari

"The training on cloud computing has helped me to get my dream job and a package which I never expected being Bcom."

-Amit Bajaj

"I did summer training course when I was fresher and now I am placed in TCS."

-Beenu Gupta

CCIE Data Center vRack Online Hardware Rental Session

Proctor Labs' online hardware will soon be expanding to include Data Center.

Volume Pricing Information:

vRack sessions are available in 3 hour, 45 minute sessions according to the following rate schedule:

  • 5 Sessions = $350
  • 10 Sessions = $600
  • 25 Sessions = $1000

Need more than 100 sessions? Please contact us to request a quote.

* Proctor Labs vouchers are valid for one calendar year from their date of issue.

The IPexpert CCIE Data Center rack will support 100% of the features that are tested on the lab!

We have based the topology to be close as possible on the CCIE Data Center rack layout, but have ensured that all features and functionality is there.

As you will see the topology is very much based on a common datacenter design and has more 'static' layout than other CCIE tracks.

Our CCIE Data Center rack layout is based on the very limited information that has been made available by Cisco. IPexpert has been in close contact with the people involved in creating this lab exam, and therefore the layout of the rack is based on some early examples and the published components and software version blueprint.

Session Times Available:

All vRack sessions are 3 hours, 45 minutes in length (3:45) and are available during six different blocks of time:

  • Session A: 00:00 - 03:45
  • Session B: 04:00 - 07:45
  • Session C: 08:00 - 11:45
  • Session D: 12:00 - 15:45
  • Session E: 16:00 - 19:45
  • Session F: 20:00 - 23:45
  • NOTICE: All session times follow the Eastern Time Zone.

Within our CCIE Data Center racks, you will have access to the following devices / software:

  • Nexus 7010
    • Sup1
      • LAN Enterprise License
      • Advanced LAN Enterprise License
      • Enhanced Layer 2 License
      • SAN Enterprise License
      • Scalable Feature License
      • MPLS License
      • DCNM LAN License
      • DCNM SAN License
    • 32 Port 10Gb (F1 Module)
      • with FCoE license
    • 32 Port 10Gb (M1 Module)
  • 2 Nexus 5548 with Layer 3 module
    • Layer 3 License
    • Enhanced Layer 2 License
    • FCoE NPV License
    • Storage (Native FC) License
    • VM-FEX License
  • 2 Nexus 2248TP
  • 2 MDS9222i
    • SAN Extension over IP License
    • Enterprise Package License
  • 2 Fibre Channel JBODs
  • UCS 6120XP Fabric Interconnects
    • 8-port FC Expansion Module
  • UCS 5108 blade chassis
    • UCS 2104XP Fabric Extenders
    • 4 UCS B200 M2 blade servers
      • Xeon X5670 2,94Ghz 6-cores
      • 48GB RAM
      • 2 300GB SAS 10k harddisks
      • UCS M81KR VIC mezzanine card
  • 2 UCS C200 M2 rack servers
    • Xeon X5670 2,93Ghz 6-cores
    • 48GB RAM
    • 2 450GB SAS 15k harddisks
    • UCS P81E VIC card
    • One of the servers will be used for hosting supporting VMs. You will not have direct access to this server
  • ACE 4710
  • The Nexus 7000 will be configured with VDC's to simulate various different topologies and create multiple 'core switch' layers within the network

    Nexus 5548 will be used as a 'distribution' layer within the datacenter network.

    The Nexus 2k's can be configured as FEX for the Nexus 7000, Nexus 5000 and the Fabric Interconnects of the UCS system to connect the UCS C-series rack mount servers.

    The VDC's are a major component in the network as the number of devices is limited and the connectivity is very much based on a best practice design.

M-23 Old Dlf Sector 14,
Gurgaon 122001 Haryana,India
Mobile: +91-1244047609
E-mail: sales@networkerszone.com

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